Lisa Sonia Maclellan

Lisa Sonia Maclellan has obtained degrees from Milwaukee Area Technical College, Nicolet Area Technical College, Florida Atlantic University and South University. Lisa is proud to say that she has been a registered nurse for over 20 years. Lisa started her nursing career after receiving an award from the National Student Nursing Association. Lisa has worked in Intensive Care Units specializing in medical/surgical and burn patients for over 10 years. Lisa has also taken on roles of ICU charge nurse, hospital-wide wound care nurse, rapid response team leader and fall risk coordinator. Lisa helped institute the wound care prevention program for intubated patients at Detroit Receiving Hospital. During the last several years, Lisa has taken on the role as nurse practitioner in the vascular surgical field. Lisa is utilizing her extensive nursing background and applying it to the needs of her vascular patients.

When Lisa is not in the vascular clinic, she is at home with her husband and son. Her husband used to work as a hospital cardiac nurse, but is now farming full time. Her small family farm is in Leelanau County where they raise registered Border Leicester sheep, Dexter cattle, Idaho Pasture pigs, and Great Pyrenees dogs. Lisa also enjoys photography and creative writing.

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